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Leading Chiropractor for Neck and Back Pain in Liverpool

Every year at The Disc Doctor in Liverpool, many of our patients are saved from undergoing invasive neck and back surgery because of the successful results achieved through Spinal Decompression Therapy. 

This new method is a revolutionary approach in the treatment of bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, disc degeneration, spondylosis, unresolved chronic neck and back pain, as well as difficult and complex spinal related conditions.


How our Liverpool Chiropractor can help you

Conveniently positioned in Liverpool, our Chiropractor Dr Milan utilises the state-of-the-art Hill DT Spinal Decompression table from the U.S to treat neck and back pain. This advanced medical device provides safe, comfortable and comprehensive treatments to all our patients.

Dr Milan is the foremost expert in the Spinal Decompression Therapy system and has trained dozens of doctors throughout Australia on how to effectively utilise this technique to achieve highly successful patient outcomes.

Our specialised therapy is frequently incorporated into rehabilitation programs for those patients recovering from motor vehicle accidents, work-related impairments and sports injuries. We also combine it with corrective exercises, yoga, massage therapy, nutrition and Chiropractic care.


Treating Neck and Back Pain

This mode of therapy is not just designed to get rid of your symptoms, like prescription drugs do. By addressing the disc misalignment and resulting nerve dysfunction in your neck or back, this cutting-edge and tested treatment system will help correct the underlying cause of your discomfort and promote the body’s natural healing processes.

We are whole heartedly committed to helping our patients live a pain-free and active life. If you suffer from long-standing neck or back pain caused by disc injuries and associated spinal problems, then do not despair. Now there is hope for lasting relief with Spinal Decompression Therapy. This effective and life-enhancing treatment may be just what you need as you take your first step on the path towards optimum health and wellness.

Call the Disc Doctor today on (02) 9734 0044 to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY INITIAL CONSULTATION with our Chiropractor and Spinal Decompression Therapy expert Dr Milan.